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Open 02/03/2009
Update 24/04/2016
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Shin Jae-eun and Jo Young-gu's "Present Book Award" with mixed views... 'Keeping away study vs. concentrate well.'

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Cho Young-gu and Shin Jae-eun had a disagreement over the recent episode of the JTBC Kumto drama "SKY Castle."

Cho Young-gu and Shin Jae-eun's daily life with their son Jung-woo was revealed on TVN's entertainment show "Deongji Escape 3" that aired on Wednesday. Shin Jae-eun, her mother, expressed interest in a single-person desk in the SKY Castle, saying that she is actively educating Jeong.

The desk, which is called "excellent desk" by Ye-seo, is a blocked structure when you close the door on a desk and chair.

Shin Jae-eun showed her desk to Jung-woo and said,성인사진 "I've got it." Shin Jae-eun is an example desk in "SKY Castle." The house is like a reading room like this way. You go in here and study. It's a big deal now.

I don`t have to go to the library with this. If we just pay 100,000 won a month to go to the reading room, it will be 2.4 million won in two years." The desk is known to be worth 2 million won, but it is economical to buy a desk compared to the long-term cost of reading room.

On the other hand, Cho Young-gu said, "Jeong-woo is good at studying even when he doesn't have anything like this. I hate studying in closed and closed spaces. I don't want you to go so far. "If we study in an open space, we can still watch and watch," he said.

"I want to have it," Cho Young-gu said, adding, "I'll earn a lot of money and help Jung-woo, so don't buy a desk like this. "It's only a short time now to say yes."

As public attention is focused on the structure and price range of "Yearae Desk" after the broadcast, the public's views are divided. As Cho Young-gu is an extremely isolated environment, there is a gap between the view that children are poor and the opinion that children want because it is good for studying.

While Internet users said, "It seems like I'm forcing them to study," "I'm afraid I'm going to run out of oxygen because it's blocked," and "that desk is symbolic of excessive academic discipline," they said, "It's like going to a reading room or a concentration to increase concentration," and "because book prices are hard to buy a house."

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